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What Makes Wild Love Vegan So Special


- We care about having practices and using products that are good for people, the planet and animals.

- Using Organic Ingredients - Making things from Scratch - Reducing Plastic Consumption -

- Composting - Recycling (Properly!) - Cleaning & Disinfecting Produce with Vinegar -

- Using products that are free from preservatives & weird ingredients not in alignment with our best health -

- Not taking shortcuts like buying peeled garlic (which creates more plastic waste & reduces quality)

- We deliver balanced, mouthwatering food that sustains a high level of nourishment.

- Customized menus inspired by global cuisines -

- Exciting, flavor-packed dishes -

- Fresh & Hearty Dishes that satisfy the body & soul -

- Healthy Desserts that are Decadent & Guilt-Free -

- We give our clients the personable experience of being catered to start to finish by the creative chefs.

- Our loving service delivers an experience that is tailored to your special vision -

- Attention to detail that creates an unforgettable night of food -

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Chef Drew Holly & Chef Itzel Gersten
A Match Made in Heaven

Our Story, as told by Chef Drew

We orbited around a shared community for seven years without ever seeing each other. Finally the stars aligned and our paths crossed. We met at a music festival when Itzel came to a mutual friend's campsite in search of a vegan snack. I was immediately intrigued. Sparks flew when I found out that she was also a vegan chef! From there our worlds collided rapidly and our lives became seamlessly intertwined over a shared love for food, health, yoga, travel, art, music, dance, community, cats, and a passion for living life to our fullest potential.


A Culinary Revolution

Within no time we started a fun and colorful festival pop-up kitchen called "Plant Based Party Power". Our vision was to provide vibrant and beautiful, gourmet vegan food that would support the well being of our community. We have always done our best to inspire education and conversation, raising awareness of how we can all care for animals, for the planet and for each other in a way that is enjoyable.


Our Pop-Up Kitchen in its Prime

Enter: Wild Love


We packed away the pop-up food booth to focus our energy on providing high end vegan food services to the Southern California area. There are no bounds to our creativity and the lengths that we will go to make our clients feel special. We are so excited to meet you and bring your dreams to life! Contact us today to create an unforgettable culinary experience for you and your loved ones.

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