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Yoga by the Sea

5 Day Retreat in Merida, Mexico
An Invigorating Vegan Adventure 

When & Where


Dates: January 11-15, 2023


Location: Merida, Yucatan, Mexico



Single: (in Shared Room) $1,111

Single: (King Bed in Private Room) $2,222

Couple: (King Bed in Private Room) $3,333 for 2 Tickets


  • Come on a Mexican adventure. Relax on the beach. Explore the Mayan temples, mystical underground pools, caves and rivers. Walk through the jungles and connect to nature. Indulge in some of Mexico’s best vegan cuisine. Dance and celebrate life in sultry cantinas with latin music. Center your body and mind with yoga, meditation, and uplifting workshops. Feel nourished, empowered and excited for the rest of the year! Treat yourself to an experience that will positively ripple into all areas of your life! 

This retreat is designed to be an intimate experience for a small group of people.

Beautiful Beach

Perfect for You if...
  • You’re a foodie that loves vegan cuisine

  • You love the beach and connecting to nature

  • You love exploring other cultures

  • You want to feel fully taken care of

  • You want to go on an adventure while taking care of your body and mind

  • You love feeling inspired

  • You want to start 2023 with intention, positive vibration, motivation and a plan!

  • You like balancing a party life with a healthy life

  • You love learning new tools to connect to your intuition for healing, lowering stress and feeling guided and fulfilled in life

Mexican Taco Dinner

What's Included


  • 5 day & 4 nights’ stay at a luxury beachfront house

  • Private Rooms with King Beds

  • Private chauffeur

  • Private Chef

Provided By Jessica Zandvliet, Holistic Healing Facilitator

  • Guided Light Meditation with Energy Healing

  • Katsugen: playful movement & dancing for connecting to creativity & freedom of expression

  • Subconscious Reprogramming Workshops to live life more fully, realize your dreams and let go of anything that’s in the way

Provided By Chef Itzel, Vegan Masterchef 

  • Meet and Greet Welcome Dinner

  • Easy Morning Yoga

  • Vegan Cooking Class & Dinner with Native Ingredients 

  • 2023 Vision & Action Plan: Guided Journaling

  • 3 Private Chef Superfood Breakfasts & 4 Day Time Snacks 


Merida’s Wonders

  • Cenotes (underground mystical pools, caves and rivers)

  • White sand beaches with mild waters

  • Jungle vibes & interesting wildlife

  • Sultry cantinas with latin music

  • Vibrant Vegan Food Scene: restaurants & markets

  • Entrance to all events & meals at restaurants are included


Wednesday January 11

  • 4pm check-in

  • 6:30pm welcome ceremony with intention setting

  • Meet and greet with a catered vegan dinner

  • Katsugen: playful movement & dancing for connecting to creativity & freedom of expression

  • relax by the pool and jacuzzi with music

Thursday January 12

  • Easy morning yoga

  • Superfood breakfast

  • Subconscious Reprogramming Workshop to live life more fully, realize your dreams and let go of anything that’s in the way

  • Explore the Mayan Temples

  • Beach time with snacks

  • Vegan Cooking class with dinner

  • 2023 Vision & Action Plan Guided Journaling


Friday January 13

  • Guided Light Meditation 

  • Energizing Yoga

  • Superfood breakfast

  • Cenote Adventure (underground mystical pools, caves and rivers)

  • Lunch at Cenote y Restaurante San Antonio

  • Dinner at Huitzilli Saludable (one of my favorite restaurants!): 100%vegan, made from scratch and eco friendly 

  • Check out live music in the city center and explore the colonial architecture and art


Saturday January 14

  • Easy Yin Yoga

  • Go out to my favorite breakfast spot (Avocado Vegetariano)

  • Racoon Island: relax in natural pools, surrounded by friendly racoon families and nature

  • Explore the Wild Animal Habitat (Mayanimal)

  • Lunch at a brand new vegan market and restaurant 

  • Noche Mexicana: enjoy the weekly street festival with folkloric dancers, singers, and artisans


Sunday January 15

  • Katsugen & yoga

  • gratitude practice journaling

  • Breakfast on the beach

  • Checkout by 11am

  • Send-off with a homemade snack for the road


Purchase Your Reservation Below

Itzel Hiking photo

Meet Your Guides

Hi! I’m Itzel, The Rainbow Goddess! I am so excited to share this adventure with you! 


I have been a vegan chef specializing in nourishing vegan food that is beautifully colorful and full of flavor! I will be creating delicious breakfasts, snacks and dinners for you using native ingredients and an innovative flare! All of your senses will be tantalized! In addition, I will teach you how to create unique dishes with what’s available no matter where you are. 


You will also get to relax, center and ground with my easy going morning yoga. Yoga is a practice that can be applied in every moment using breath and awareness. No need to be super fit or flexible, all you need is your presence to participate. 


I am super passionate about defining visions and creating tangible action plans for myself and facilitating others in doing so. We will embark on a journey together to unveil our highest desires and explore how we can get into action to achieve them. 


Last but not least, we will step into our child-like wonder as we explore the natural and cultural gems Merida has to offer. 


I promise you will leave the retreat feeling totally nourished, full of love and enthusiasm for life!

Meet Your Guides


Hi my name is Jessica Zandvliet and my passion has always been happiness!


After a decade and a half of research, training and practice I have cultivated amazing insights that I would love to share with all of you. I can identify what is standing in your way and how to clear it using one or more of the healing modalities that I have been trained in. I have learned many of the different traps society and ourselves have created for us and how to navigate out of them. Let me teach you some practical tools for releasing stress, moving through triggers, letting go of fears/anxieties and connecting with your innate power for self-healing. With this you can create everything that you have envisioned for yourself and your life!

Jessica dancing smile.jpeg

Additionally Available During Down Time


Book these services before January 10 for a 30% discount!

Text 619-399-8520 to book.

Healing Technologies:

  • NeurOptimal Neurofeedback: trains your brain to stay centered, balanced, peaceful ($100/ 30 minute session)

  • BEMER Pro: speeds up your body’s healing and helps to restore and maintain energetic balance ($30/ session)


One-On-One Healing Modalities By Jessica Zandvliet:

  • PSYCH-K® “is a simple, yet powerful process to change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging.” The sessions are about 30 minutes and will be targeting the most pressing negative subconscious belief for the client. ($111/ session)


  • Resonance Repatterning® “uses your own subconscious to discover unconscious blocks that keep you stuck in unwanted life patterns, a process designed to clear away old beliefs, behaviors and negative emotions that create limitations in your life.” Sessions take about 50-90 minutes, where we dive deep to discover the internal programs that no longer serve you and we install new patterns that are coherent and allow you to get all that you want. ($222/ session) 


  • Reconnective Healing® is energy healing that combines the higher wisdom of the client, the practitioner and the universe. Individuals have experienced immediate relief from physical pain, illness, and psychological distress. It is about 30 minutes. ($99/ session) 

More Details


You are responsible for:

  • Your flight 

  • A ride from and to the airport


What to bring:

  • A phone plan that gives you service in Mexico

  • Swimsuit 

  • Passport 

  • Water shoes

  • Sandals

  • Optional water accessories: goggles, floaty, etc.

  • Warm clothes for the evenings

  • Light clothes for hot weather

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Natural sunblock 

  • Natural bug repellent 

  • Sun glasses

  • Bag or backpack to take with you on day trips 

  • Toiletries 

  • Sun hat


Other things to know:

  • Merida is very safe (known to be the safest city in Mexico!)

  • Super tourist friendly 

  • Lots of people speak English 

  • Weather: 87°F - 63°F

  • You can take a taxi or Uber to and from the airport 

  • Notify your credit card you will be traveling

Above the Clouds
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